Stanley Park High School

This project, completed in 2003, was a new build stand-alone block, constructed within the grounds of the existing school. The building was designed to incorporate a purpose-built autism unit and a sixth form teaching unit.

Initial discussions with the Planners identified the site as requiring abuilding of architectural merit. The resultant design blended glass panels and timber cladding to give a modern "high tech" appearance.

To achieve the "clean design" required for the building it was necessary to carry out a detailed coordination exercise between the building services and timber frame, primarily to identify the routing of pipework and conduit through the frame. Engineering Services included:

  • Mains and Sub-Main Distribution Switchgear.
  • Lighting.
  • Emergency Lighting.
  • Small Power.
  • Fire Alarms/Class change system
  • Disabled Alarm system
  • Intruder Detection System.
  • Communication (Voice and Data).
  • Safe isolation, disconnection and removal from site of allredundant¬†mechanical and associated electrical services.
  • Provide any temporary measures necessary to maintainbuilding services to the school.
  • Provide new Heating system.
  • Provide new Hot and Cold Water system.
  • Provide new Ventilation system.
  • Provide new Thermal Insulation.
  • Provide new Controls system.
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